Finance a new roof, siding, and more—100%.

We get it: thinking about paying for a roof, or siding, or windows isn't the most fun in the world. But the investment you're making into your home, your safety, your energy bill reductions, and your happiness is invaluable. Because of this commitment to satisfaction and ease, we partner with Green Sky Credit. Green Sky's commitment to one of their core values, impact, keeps them on the leading edge. They're rolling out auto payment, quick payment, and other offerings to make it more seamless than ever to manage your project's loan.


Step 1: We quote the work.

You've contacted us and we've scheduled an appointment to visit your house and see what you'd like done. During this meeting we'll discuss your goals, your budget, and what kind of monthly payments you'd be most comfortable with. Then we provide you with a project quote for you to work with on financing. 

Step 2: We help you apply.

When you're working with Green Sky, we'll be there every step of the way. As your application is completed and submitted, you'll need our "vendor code" so that Green Sky knows who you're working with. If you have questions about financing, feel free to pick up the phone and call us, or email us anytime. 

Step 3: You get approved.

Congratulations! Now that you're approved, we know that's a weight off your shoulders. It's time to get to work, so now we pick up our tools, assemble our crew for your project, and show up ready to do the job. When it comes to your payments, you'll be working with Green Sky directly.