Did You Know Gutters Protect Your Foundation?

In our neck of the woods, Central Virginia, we regularly get not only light showers of rain, but also torrential downpours, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. This means that as rain comes down and sheets off your roof, the water that collects around your home can dangerously erode the soil around your foundation. In addition, if you have a basement, it can easily become flooded or saturated with water seeping in as the water that flows off of your roof soaks into the ground below.

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Square Gutters

Square gutters are probably what you're used to seeing. They can be either low or high, depending on whether you want to hide the lowest few inches of your roof. Square gutters are the most common, and are easily installed. Because of their design, they can be best for areas like Central Virginia where we get a wide variety of rainfall: from light showers and grey days, to hurricanes. 

Because of their shape though (with those square edges), they'll need to be cleaned and maintained annually, or you may want to consider installing gutter guards to help prevent this issue.


rounded gutters

Rounded gutters, or half round gutters as they're sometimes called, have a clean and smooth shape that's exactly as it sounds - it's a half-circle. These wide gutters can carry a lot of water, and because of that they're usually pretty easy to keep clean. Because they are so smooth, leaves and other debris don't build up as much, which can make them easier to manage and maintain over time.

gutter guard installation

There are several types of gutter guards, from screen, to surface tension and mesh guards. Screen guards can be the easiest and lowest budget to install, but it's possible that even they'll get clogged over time if you have a lot of pine trees around. Surface tension guards are the best overall, because they have a unique design that allows only water to flow into the gutter, while leaves and debris are pushed off the edge. Fine mesh guards are similar to screen guards, but because they have only the smallest holes, they don't get clogged as easily - in time though, you may still need to clear them out from shingle grit.