Is maintenance to my house really worth investing?

That’s a question that a lot of homeowners ask themselves when thinking about renovating their home. Whether it be because your home needs an update, or you simply want a new look, we “spend more than $200 billion on home improvements each year.” (National Association of Home Builders, ) That can be a pretty scary number when it comes to needing multiple home projects at once. What if you can’t do them all? How do you know which one is more important and can give you your money back?

As much as one as a homeowner would like to get a brand new kitchen or bathroom, maintaining the structure of your home is more important to anyone who is planning to live in it. According to Remodeling Magazine, siding replacement recouped more than 30% of a homeowners investment than a bathroom remodel. And more than 40% than a kitchen remodel. Continue to read below to find out just why siding replacements recoup more of your money than any other remodel, and just how much it can really pay off.

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Why James Hardie ColorPlus Technology Siding

All seasons make it tough on your siding, and with Spring here it brings many challenges when it comes to maintenance on your siding. From unexpected 42 degree rain falls to predicted 78 degree sunny skies, James Hardie HardiPlank boards has you covered. With normal siding, it begins to fade with hot UV rays and forget about rotten boards on heavy rain days. Painting is a temporary solution to fading colors, and vinyl siding can last for about 10 years. With James Hardie ColorPlus Technology, it can top all of that and many more! They bake-on multiple coats in a controlled environment for a strong bond that resists chipping, peeling and cracking. ColorPlus® Technology has been engineered to protect from the sun’s UV rays, key for the hot sun to come! To find out more about James Hardie ColorPlus Technology and siding, visit the James Hardie official website.

 Exterior Home Solutions Team