Deciding on Siding

Wrapping your home in color and style are the trademarks of great siding: it's just as much an expression of your style as your favorite jacket or watch. While we offer and are able to work with a wide selection of siding materials, we find that most homeowners are interested in primarily two: James Hardie siding, and vinyl.

These durable solutions stand up to every test our four-season Virginia weather can throw at them.



Vinyl: economic and limitless

Vinyl siding is durable, comes in almost every color imaginable, provides decent weatherproofing, and is budget-friendly. Why would any homeowner choose something else? If you're looking to do more than simply cover your home, then James Hardie siding can be an even more durable option, with a warranty that simply can't be beat—not to mention the choices in texture and style will help to set your home apart from the rest.


A Few Of Our Vinyl Projects: